Dab-Solute Power: Paul Ryan Confused as Son of New Congressman Dabs During Swearing-In Ceremony

The congressman later tweeted that his son was grounded.

It was an awkward moment on Capitol Hill as one new lawmaker's son found a moment to make himself the center of attention while his father was being sworn in — and suffered the consequences.

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The spectacle occurred Tuesday, as House Speaker Paul Ryan was swearing in new members of Congress.

As Roger Marshall of Kansas and his family went up to take a ceremonial photo with Ryan, the politician's son Cal began to dab, the dance move popularized by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, confusing the top Republican.

Ryan asked Cal Marshall: “You all right? You want to put your hand down?”

Cal was holding the Bible, standing dead center between his father and Ryan.

A confused Ryan thought Cal was trying to sneeze, asking: “You going to sneeze? Is that it?”

Clearly embarrassed, the teenager played along, saying "yeah" and posing normally.

Ryan than took to Twitter to claim he doesn't know what dabbing was.

The son of the Kansas lawmaker also took to the microblogging site to inform Ryan that his son had been punished.

On the same day, outgoing Veep Joe Biden was rejected by a baby at the swearing-in ceremony of the child's grandfather, a senator from North Carolina.

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As the family of Richard Burr gathered around the vice president, Biden tried baby talk with the infant, who was clearly not impressed, and pulled away.

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