Charlie Sheen's First Goddess

The woman who was Charlie Sheen's first goddess shares her memories of the actor with INSIDE EDITION.

Long before Charlie Sheen had goddesses Natalie Kenly and Bree Olson, he had just one: Ginger Lynn. They dated for four years.    

"The Charlie I knew was a wonderful, wonderful man," Lynn tells INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret. "I was absolutely in love with Charlie."

"And was he in love with you?" Moret asks.

"I know Charlie was in love with me," says Lynn.

She says at the time they met in 1990, Charlie was engaged to actress Kelly Preston. Six months after he began secretly seeing Ginger, Sheen accidentally shot Preston in the arm, and the engagement ended. Preston went on to marry John Travolta.  

"I never saw Charlie have a temper. He never raised his voice to me. We never had a fight, we never had a disagreement. There was never any violence whatsoever," Lynn says.

She says she barely recognizes the Charlie Sheen whose bizarre behavior has cost him his role on Two and a Half Men.

"I don't know this Charlie. This is not the man that I know, that I knew. I knew the Charlie that was creative, that was sweet, that was kind, that was generous, a good man."

Moret asked her about Sheen's new collection of the women he calls goddesses, one of whom, like Ginger Lynn, is a former porn star.

"If Charlie has goddesses, good for him," Lynn says.
She has kept a treasure trove of mementos of their time together, including love letters, poems, and pictures.

"Charlie was my first love and I saved every note, every card, every letter, every gift, everything he ever gave me," she explains

The mementos reveal a very different side of Sheen. Among Lynn's keepsakes is a letter he wrote to her from rehab in 1991:

"I must admit I cannot go through this alone and so far you've been with me every step of the way."

When Lynn was in rehab he inscribed a copy of a Consumer Reports drug guide.

Sheen wrote, "To Ging, From one Druggie to Another. Love- C"

Now Lynn is auctioning all of the memorabilia online, including a shirt Sheen wore in the movie Major League.
"A lot of people are talking about him unraveling. Are you worried about Charlie?" Moret asks.

"I've seen Charlie at some of his most vulnerable times and he's always bounced back and I think he will again," Lynn says.