6-Year-Old Nonverbal Boy is Best Friends with His Adopted Deaf Dog

It was a perfect match.

A non-verbal 6-year-old in Florida and a deaf dog have become the best of friends.

Connor Guillet was adopted by Brandi Guillet when he was just 4 weeks old, and although he was born addicted to drugs and her family knew he would have special needs, they proceeded.

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“He needed a family and we wanted a family — it was a match made in heaven," Brandi told insideEdition.com. "I always say he is our wish come true." 

When Brandi went to an event for Boxer dogs who needed homes a few weeks ago, she met 3-year-old Ellie, who is deaf, and decided to take her home.

“We never thought about deaf dogs until her,” Brandi said. “When Jon, who works at the rescue, showed me that Ellie responds to sign I had a lightbulb go off immediately.”

Connor communicates through sign language and as soon as the two met Brandi says she let Connor go up to her and touch and kiss her.

"To think that Connor can sign to her and actually communicate with her made my heart melt. We met her... that was it," Brandi said.

The two have been inseparable since.

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They family was initially only planning on fostering Ellie but after her and Connor hit it off, they decided to adopt her.

“Boxers are known to be great with kids but there is something definitely special about Ellie,” Brandi said. “When Connor has tantrums she will stand over him as if to comfort him. When he is upset he will immediately go to her for comfort. It warms my heart like nothing else. He has a true friend in Ellie”

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