Parents of Boy Who Pushed Dresser Off Twin Brother Insist Video is Not a Hoax

The video of the incident has more than 12 million views.

The parents of the Utah toddler who pushed a dresser off his twin brother are defending themselves against claims that video of the incident is fake.

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Kayli Shoff told Good Morning America: that her "heart sank" after she watched surveillance video of her 2-year-old twins climbing the dresser before it toppled over, pinning her son, Brock, underneath.

After trying and failing to lift the dresser, Brock's twin brother, Bowdy, was eventually was able to push it aside, freeing the boy.

Comments on social media sparked ridicule as some claim the video, which has been viewed 12 million times on YouTube, was a hoax.

“This whole thing is a scam!" read one comment.

“I'm calling it now seems like hoax!” was another.

The Shoff family appeared on Good Morning America Thursday to answer to skeptics.

“So they would get into the drawers, pull all the clothes that we had in the drawers and put them out and just throw them all over their room during nap time," the boys’ father, Ricky Shoff, said:  So we just decided the easiest thing was to empty the drawers and put all their clothes in the closet."

Noting that Ricky works for a company that makes surveillance cameras, skeptics asked why the camera appears to be trained on the dresser.

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“We have cameras throughout our whole house and that camera is just positioned in the best angle to see the entire room," he told GMA. "So it wasn't positioned to have just the dresser,” 

Kayli told Inside Edition earlier this week that the dresser has since been anchored to the wall.

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