Living Like Millionaires for $600 A Month

A former real estate mogul rents out rooms in his $6 million mansion to four women for only $600 a month. INSIDE EDITION spoke with these lucky ladies.

Women are living like millionaires for only $600 a month in a $6 million mansion in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Inside, every room is filled with beautiful furniture. The dining room table is fit for a king and seats 30!

The house has a huge pool, hot tub, and a private beach on a secluded lake.

Every girl has her own lovely suite. Kelli Gallatin's room has an amazing bathroom. Heather Spencer's room has a balcony that overlooks the great room.

So how can this luxurious lifestyle cost just $600 a month?

The landlord, Brian Tuttle, is a 51-year-old divorced dad and former high flying real estate mogul who had fallen on hard times. He lost his fortune in the Florida real estate crash.

"We've lost, in cash, somewhere around $45 million," Tuttle said.

He was about to lose his dream home too until he came up with a plan to save it.

"I woke up and I was all alone in this house. I said shoot, ‘I'll just rent out rooms,'" Tuttle said.

The rent covers utilities, the homeowners dues and Tuttle's ex-wife's alimony. He has a young daughter so he only rents to women.

When they first checked out the place they couldn't believe their eyes.

For Tuttle, renting out his mansion was the only way to make ends meet, and these ladies would agree it was a smart move.