The Secret of Thigh Success: Nurse Gets Serious Results in Remarkable Half-Hour Liposuction

Flash lipo is best for athletic people who aren't getting results with inner thighs.

This active mother looking to reshape parts of her thighs has found a quick way to do it — and the results are nothing short of remarkable.

Grace DeMayo, 36, a mom to two sets of twin boys, works out as often as she can. The surgical nurse considers herself to be in great shape but her inner thighs have always bothered her.

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“No matter what I do — diet or exercise — I can't seem to get rid of it," she told Inside Edition. "Since I was young, it is the one part of my body that has bothered me."

She solved the problem with a procedure called Flash Lipo, undergoing the operation recently during her lunch hour.

She turned to Dr. Steven Davis in New Jersey, who completed the procedure in just 30 minutes.

It is done using a thinner needle than traditional liposuction. Dr. Davis says the best candidates for the procedure might not look like they need it.

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"The people who are most athletic who are in great shape,” he told Inside Edition. "This is for them because it targets areas they can’t change on their own."

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