Raw Deal: Trump Blasts Schwarzenegger as 'New Celebrity Apprentice' Ratings Drop

The ratings for Schwarzenegger are down 43 percent compared to Trump's last season premiere in 2015.

President-elect Donald Trump has a lot on his plate ahead of his January 20 inauguration, but between filling his cabinet, sorting out polices, and preparing a move to the White House, he found the time to tweet about The New Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump’s first tweets Friday morning were about the drop in ratings for the NBC reality TV competition for which he controversially has remained executive producer.

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He also blasted Arnold Schwarzenegger, who replaced Trump as host. The Terminator star didn’t endorse Trump during the election and the real estate mogul has burned him on social media because of it.

The ratings for Schwarzenegger are down 43 percent compared to Trump's last season premiere in 2015.

The former California governor fired back at The Donald, tweeting:

Meanwhile,outgoing Vice President Joe Biden had some fatherly advice for the soon-to-be 45th president of the United State while appearing on the PBS NewsHour.

"Grow up Donald, grow up," he said. "Time to be an adult. You're president."

Biden’s words come as President Obama wrote his final letter to the nation, which was posted on The White House website.

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The outgoing 44th president wrote: "We will have to move forward as we always have  —  together. As a people who believe that out of many, we are one; that we are bound not by any one race or religion, but rather an adherence to a common creed; that all of us are created equal in the eyes of God.

"And I’m confident we will. Because the change we’ve brought about these past eight years was never about me. It was about you. It is you, the American people, who have made the progress of the last eight years possible. It is you who will make our future progress possible. That, after all, is the story of America — a story of progress. However halting, however incomplete, however harshly challenged at each point on our journey — the story of America is a story of progress."

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