What to Do If You Hear Shots Fired at an Airport: 'All Rules Go Out the Window'

Follow these tips to ensure your safety.

A gunman opened fire in a busy terminal at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, leaving five dead Friday.

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Wounded and shaken passengers were seen in the baggage claim area where the gunfire erupted. Terrified passengers fled terminal 2 where Delta Airlines operates and were herded to the tarmac.

Counter terrorism expert Nick Casale, who was not in Florida, told Inside Edition: "Local law enforcement can respond quickly to these incidents at airports because they train and drill regularly just for that response."

There are things one can do if you are caught in an attack on an airport.

Security expert Bill Stanton told Inside Edition: “I'm constantly scanning. I'm looking at people. I'm looking for exits for instance; I know there's an exit to my left. I know if I have to get out to street level, right down these steps and I’m there.

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“If something were to happen right now, all rules go out the window. I'm going to look to jump over this counter, see what's back there -- a place to hide, barricade myself in or a separate entrance that goes downstairs.”

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