Teen Discovers Fallen Elderly Man Trapped in Home While Out Shoveling Snow and Helps Save Him

The 14-year-old said he wasn't expecting to run into that situation.

Coby Entihar, 14, and his friends weren’t expecting to save a man’s life while they were out shoveling snow in Colorado on Thursday.

Entihar and his brother, Jerry, and their two friends, Rebecca and Marcello, had been out shoveling for the day to make some quick cash when the 14-year-old approached a door and heard something unexpected.

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“It was the last house we were going to do so I got up and went to the door. I heard someone yelling but it was faint. He told me to come in and break the door down and help,” Entihar told InsideEdition.com. “I ran back to the truck. My brother called 911.”

Entihar said he started asking the man questions and talking to him through the door until an ambulance arrived.

“I wanted to make sure he stayed awake. He said he had fallen and been on the ground for 6 days. He looked very pale. He didn’t look good at all,” Entihar said. “I just went into adrenaline mode and I needed to help him.”

Once the ambulance arrived EMTs loaded the man on a stretcher, but if it hadn’t been for the teens, the man may have been lying there for much longer.

“You could clearly see he was in pain,” Zach Hill of the LaSalle Fire Department told WUSA.“This gentleman had been there for, we're not sure how long, and we don't know how long he would've been there had they not knocked on the door so they had a huge part in getting him help.”

First responders rushed the man to the hospital.

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Entihar and his friends said they then shoveled the man's driveway.

"We wanted to make sure he came back to a clean driveway," Entihar said. 

Police confirmed that they did get a call but it’s unclear how man the elderly man is doing.

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