Trainer Saves Dog By Administering CPR

A 4-year-old Boxer named Sugar was brought back to life when his trainer performed CPR. INSIDE EDITION has the amazing story.

It was a terrifying moment for dog owner Tiffany Kauth. Her beloved pet lay lifeless after suffering a seizure and collapsing during obedience class.

Kauth sobbed over her Boxer, Sugar. The 4-year-old dog wasn't breathing.

Sugar's trainer Ron Pace instantly sprang into action and began administering CPR. He compressed the dog's chest repeatedly, cleared out his throat, and then put his mouth over Sugar's snout and breathed deeply, mouth-to-snout resuscitation!

Remarkably, the whole thing was caught on home video by the trainer's assistant.

Pace continued his heroic effort to save Sugar while a panic-stricken Kauth looked on, crying hysterically.

Finally, after two agonizing minutes, Sugar started breathing again.

The adorable dog looked disoriented as Kauth tried to comfort him. Now, Sugar is back to his playful self.

"He's doing pretty good. He's back to being wiggly and normal," Kauth told INSIDE EDITION.

And to Pace she said, "Thank you! And you're amazing."

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Pace also has written a book, Who's the Boss?, about his training methods.

It was later determined that Sugar suffers from a heart condition and should refrain from strenuous activity.