Dog Thrown Out With Trash Gets Second Chance at Life in New Forever Home: 'He's Going to Be Loved'

The young pit bull-lab mix, dubbed Ollie-Loo, was found curled up in a tight ball on a discarded chair in the freezing cold.

A young dog found injured and emaciated after apparently being tossed out with the trash in the freezing Michigan cold has been given a second chance at life and is making a full recovery in its new forever home, according to an animal advocacy group.

The young pit bull-lab mix, dubbed Ollie-Loo by the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (D.A.W.G.), was found December 20, curled up in a tight ball on a discarded chair amidst piles of garbage bags and boxes, volunteer Terri Looby told

A neighbor told Looby that the pup’s original owners may have been evicted from their home, abandoning that dog and a Shih Tzu before returning for only the smaller dog. Temperatures that day had reached about 19 degrees, with winds making it feel even colder.

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“As soon as I said ‘hi, baby,’ his whole body — you could tell he wasn’t going to hurt us — his tail was wagging. He jumped down and he started limping immediately, but he came over and started kissing my face,” Looby said at the time. “I had the car door open and he jumped in, didn’t even think about it. He was in that car and already sitting so proudly."

Ollie-Loo was extremely underweight and was found to have a broken femur that required surgery, but the resilient pup began making a full recovery in no time and soon crossed paths with a man who would change the dog’s life forever.

“As soon as he met Ollie, he had a huge connection with him,” Looby said of the dog’s new owner, Art.

“He loves Ollie and Ollie loves him just as much. They found each other.”

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What began as a foster case quickly became permanent, Looby said.

"He had seen him on the news and his heart just said, 'this is my dog.' Ollie has since taken over his recliner — it’s no longer Art’s recliner; it’s Ollie's," she laughed.

The adoption was finalized Saturday, which brought tears to Looby’s eyes.

"It was emotional... I think it really hit me when we got out to Art’s truck and Art gave me the biggest hug and thanked me. It’s probably of the best adoptions I’ve ever done,” she said. “Ollie-Loo, he loves everyone. This one, he just hit everyone’s heart, big time. He’s going to be loved and he’s never going to have to worry about being thrown outside again. And that’s a great thing."

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