Man's Attempts to Rap Proposal Nearly Thwarted as Girlfriend Repeatedly Turns Off Radio

Samantha Ward, 33, even calls her fiance a "f***ing d***" as he tries to rap a song he wrote just for the occasion.

It took this man nearly a year to come up with a one-of-a-kind musical proposal for his girlfriend, but his efforts were nearly thwarted when it appeared she wasn't exactly a fan of the song.

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Jorge Calado, 29, of Northamptonshire, England, can be seen in a YouTube video rapping an impassioned song he wrote for girlfriend Samantha Ward, 33, when she repeatedly attempted to turn off the stereo, and even calling him a "f***ing d***" for nearly waking their sleeping baby in the backseat.

"I wanted to surprise her with the most unexpected thing ever," Calado told "It worked a bit too well."

He said he has no musical experience other than the occasional karaoke session, so he expected Ward to be thrown off by his impromptu performance, a song on the car's stereo, that he actually wrote and recorded himself.

"I wrote the song so it would come across as a generic, hip-hop tune to start with so as not to give it away," Calado explained. "Once the chorus comes in, it's pretty obvious it's about us."

The song eventually continues to include more and more detail from their four-year-relationship, from their first date at the first Five Guy's in the U.K., to the birthing of their 1-year-old Jenson, referenced in the lyric, "the better part of our better selves in the backseat."

"I wanted her to start realizing this song could not be about anyone else," Calado explained.

Eventually, Ward stops trying to turn off the stereo, and pays closer attention to the song until the big reveal.

"Even though I can't get down on my knee, Samantha Irene Ward, will you marry me?" the race-car-driver by day raps, as he holds out an open ring box to Ward in the passenger seat, who tearfully accepted the proposal as they pull over to park.

Calado explained it was important for him to pop the question in the car.

"We're fantastic together, but when we get in the car, we always end up having a bit of a tiff," he explained. "It just seems to be the only place we clash, so I wanted to turn that that into a place where we can remember fond memories."

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The pair was on their way to Devon in the south of England during the proposal for the holidays, where Ward's family resided. The next part of the surprise was that Calado's family had flown in from Portugal to celebrate the engagement.

"Christmas can be a bit cliche, but what better time than to get the two families together, and celebrate the happiness of a proposal," he said.

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