Robbed at Finger-Point: Cops Searching for Man Who Robbed Convenience Store While Pretending His Hand Was a Gu

The long arm of the law is after a robber who used his finger to hold up a mini-mart.

The Los Angeles Police Department needs your help in finding a man who was armed only with his finger when he robbed a convenience store, according to authorities.

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A man wearing shorts, a fedora and a blue dress shirt entered the store just before midnight on Nov. 11, video posted to YouTube by the department appears to show.


After waiting for some customers to leave, he tells the clerks to give him the cash register’s contents or “You’ll be shot!” he is heard yelling as he puts his right hand in his pocket and simulates a gun, according to the video.

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Then he puts the hand under his shirt, jumps over the counter and begins pulling cash out of the drawer. While grabbing money with his left hand, he puts his right behind his back, where the video clearly shows he’s carrying nothing but a cocked finger.

The man got away with about $300, police said. Anyone with information is asked to contact

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