Another Subway Rider Falls Onto Tracks

A Boston subway rider falls off the platform and onto the tracks just as a train approaches, and it's all caught on tape. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Caught on surveillance video, a man in a white baseball cap walking unsteadily suddenly falls off the platform onto the subway tracks.

The video shows a white glow in the background which was a train approaching.

With just seconds to avert a tragedy, other passengers rushed to the man's aid and pulled him off the tracks to safety.

The caught-on-tape drama unfolded Wednesday at Boston's North Station.

It's eerily similar to that now-famous incident at the same station two years ago when a 26-year-old woman, apparently drunk, fell onto the tracks in front on an oncoming train.

Her foot came agonizingly close to touching that deadly third rail. Other riders waved and shouted in desperate efforts to stop the train. It actually stopped on top of her, but miraculously she crawled from under the train, unhurt.

In another subway fall that happened in Washington D.C., a former Marine Lieutenant Colonel put himself in harm's way when a sick passenger fell onto subway tracks.

He lept off the platform and sprinted across two lines of tracks to help the man to safety.

"I saw a guy in trouble. He needed help. I went out there and helped him," said Lieutenant Colonel Pinzon.

And now another subway rider has escaped death, thanks to quick-thinking commuters.