Woman Donates Organs of 1-Year-Old Daughter Allegedly Beaten to Death by Mother's Boyfriend

A 6-month-old was also reportedly harmed in the home.

The mother of a one-year-old, who was allegedly beaten to death by the woman's boyfriend, has decided to donate the baby’s organs.

Police were called to a Texas home on January 4 and found 1-year-old Olivia Cangemi unresponsive. Her 6-month-old brother was also injured, according to reports.

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The kids were reportedly left in the care of 19-year-old Allante Edwards. Police say he's the one who called 911.

Olivia was taken to a nearby hospital where it was determined she had bleeding and swelling in the brain, bruising on her forehead and chest, healing rib fractures, and signs of abdominal trauma, according to reports.

“Fairly quickly, the officers grew suspicious because his story didn't quite seem to make sense for the severity of the injuries," Irving Police Officer James McClellan said.

Her mother, Jen Cangemi, posted on Facebook that she was brain dead and on Sunday, Cangemi decided to take Olivia off life support and donate her organs.

“My heart is heavy and a piece of it is laying here with Olivia and will forever be there. I don’t get to see my other kids until everything is figured out. Me and Olivia’s dad are trying to stay strong but it's hard. Olivia didn’t deserve this she was such a sweetheart,” Cangemi wrote on Facebook.

Aside from Olivia and her 6-month-old brother, Cangemi has one other child, a 3-year-old, who was also in the house at that time, according to police.

The two surviving children remain in Child Protective Services, according to reports.

Police also said the 6-month-old suffered signs of abuse, including a bite mark on his cheek. 

"I don’t know what happened," Cangemi wrote on Facebook. "There a lot more to the story."

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Cangemi was reportedly on a work trip during the incident and police say Edwards had been caring for the children since January 2. 

Edwards is charged with serious bodily injury for cases involving both children. The charge involving Olivia is likely to upgrade to homicide, according to reports.

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