Russia Denies Having Compromising Intel on Trump, Calls Report 'Pulp Fiction'

Top U.S. intelligence gave Trump report claiming Russia 'compromised' him with 'perverted' info.

Russia has hit back against reports they have compromising information on Donald Trump.

Though top U.S. intelligence officials found them credible enough to present to the president-elect at a briefing, the Kremlin said Wednesday that claims they have "perverted" intel on Trump are "pulp fiction."

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"It is an obvious attempt to harm our bilateral relations," spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "[the Kremlin] does not engage in collecting compromising material."

Unverified details of this alleged intel came as an addendum to the classified intelligence report on Russia’s efforts to interfere in the U.S. election, CBS News reported.

The details reportedly include a "perverted sexual act" in which Trump engaged during a trip to Moscow as well as claims that Trump campaign surrogates remained in contact with Putin collaborators throughout the election.

The information originally came from a former spy with the British Secret Intelligence Service, who was reportedly hired first by Trump's Republican foes to dig up dirt on the billionaire's relationship with Putin and then by Hillary Clinton allies.

U.S. intelligence officials have not verified the details, but reportedly believe the ex-spy and his network of informants inside Russia to be credible.

Taking to his Twitter account as the internet lit up with reactions to the shocking report, Trump called it all "FAKE NEWS."

"A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!" the next U.S. president tweeted.

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News of the report broke as President Obama was being interviewed for NBC. Asked for comment by Lester Holt, Obama said he hopes his successor takes the intelligence community seriously.

"My hope is that this work will continue after I leave; that Congress in possession of both the classified and unclassified reports, that the President-elect and his administration — in possession of both the classified and unclassified reports — will take it seriously and now get to work reinforcing those mechanisms that we can use to protect our democracy," Obama said.

Confronted about the report by Late Night host Seth Meyers, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway dismissed the accusations, calling them "unconfirmed."

She then claimed Trump was "not aware," nor briefed about the investigations.

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