Golden Retrievers Act as Sled Dogs While Pulling Owner Through Snow: 'They Didn't Want to Stop'

Cabot and Barney, two golden retrievers from New Jersey, seemed ecstatic as their owner was pulled along on a snowskate.

These dogs sure seem to enjoy a good snow day.

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Cabot and Barney, two golden retrievers in Rumson, New Jersey, can be seen dashing through the snow with their trusty owner in tow in a video posted to YouTube on Monday.

"The dogs love running in the snow already, and since it was so slippery, I was getting dragged around as it was," their owner, Stephen Mann, told "So, jumping on the snowskate just made sense."

In the video, Mann hops on his snowskate, a skateboard-snowboard hybrid often used for doing tricks, and riding through the snow as the two pups acting as his sled dogs, pulling him along.

"They loved it," Mann said. "Once we got going, they didn't want to stop."

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He said he had never attempted the trick before, but felt a sense of inspiration after 10 inches of snow was dumped on his community by a small blizzard.

"The roads were so slippery," he said. "We continued to run around afterwards."

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