'Lumberjack or Lumberjane?' Bearded Man in Flannel Shirt Saws Down Tree to Reveal Gender of Baby

Travis and Tayler Hager first hollowed out the rotting tree, and inserted a capsule filled with paint that would explode in color as they sawed into it.

"Lumberjack or lumberjane?"

That's the question this Tennessee couple asked as they sawed down a tree to reveal the gender of their baby.

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Trevor Hager, 28, of Adams, explained that while he is not exactly a lumberjack by trade — instead, a part-time youth minister at his church, and a part-time traveling musician. He and his wife Tayler, 25, wanted to do a gender reveal that paid homage to the rugged outdoors.

"I grew up in the mountains," Hager told InsideEdition.com. "I've had my fair share of wood work, but for the most part, it was a stylistic thing for the video."

So, the couple dressed up in flannel shirts, took to the woods, and took a chainsaw to a tree that eventually revealed a splash of light blue paint, announcing they are expecting a boy.

"We want [our baby] to be outside chopping wood the old-fashioned way," he joked to InsideEdition.com.

Hager explained when he and his wife received the ultrasound from their doctor, they wanted to come up with a unique way to break the news to friends and family.

They contacted a close friend, who is actually a lumberjack, and found the perfect rotting tree on his property to saw down.

The couple then hollowed out the tree, filled a capsule they fashioned out of PVC pipe with blue paint, and placed it within the rotting tree.

Then, in the video licensed by Caters News, Hager could be seen tearing the tree down with a chainsaw.

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"The tree cutting was pretty sketchy," he admitted. "It was a little bit intimidating to cut a tree that was dead. I was so focused in making it not blow out or fall on me."

Eventually, the blue paint started seeping out of the tree, revealing they would expect a little boy by April, who will hopefully share their love for the outdoors, Hager said.

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