Boots Recalled After Man Discovers They Leave Swastika-Shaped Prints

A Redditor's post led makers of the Polar Fox boot to pull the item over the Nazi symbols adorning the bottom.

A Redditor's shocking post over the imprint left by his new work boots has led to the item's recall.

Unsurprising, since the imprint resembles several little swastikas.

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"There was an angle I didn't get to see when ordering my new work boots..." deadpanned the Reddit user along with a side-by-side photo of the boot's underside and the imprint left behind on concrete when it's wet.

The tread itself is mostly nondescript. However, the image it leaves behind is not.

"They leave distinct swastika marks on the ground when used," wrote one Amazon reviewer.

A manager at Conal International Trading Inc. in the City of Industry, California, is the company that makes and sells the boot, called the Polar Fox.

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A manager at Conal told CBSLA that they are now recalling the boot and that the design was not intentional.

However, the boot was still available in several styles — including those with the questionable tread — as of early Thursday.

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