Don't Be Shy! Rare Spotted Fawn Stays Close to Mom and Dad During Debut at Zoo

The deer was born at a British zoo last month.

Two deer at a zoo in England have shown off their newborn fawn — and they have every reason to be proud.

The baby is an extremely rare Philippine spotted deer, one of the most threatened deer species in the world, according to the Chester Zoo, where the fawn was born December 26.

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The zoo announced the birth this week, hailing it "a big boost for the species."

"The Philippine spotted deer is one of the most endangered deer species on the planet and so a new fawn is very, very special," Tim Rowlands, the zoo's curator of mammals, said in a statement.

The fawn, which has not yet been named, was photographed staying close to its parents.

“Mum is doing a great job and the fawn, albeit a little nervous, is looking ever so strong," Rowlands said. "The spots on his thick coat are already very prominent."

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Due to illegal hunting and habitat loss, there are now fewer than 2,500 of the deer in the wild, according to the zoo. For a decade, it has been working to protect the species in the Philippines, where they live in the rainforests.

“We learn more and more about these animals with every new arrival and, crucially, the zoo is also fighting to conserve the spotted deer, and other species, in their homeland," Rowlands said.

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