Family of Alleged Victim Outraged That Accused Millionaire Sex Attacker Is Out of Jail While Awaiting Trial

The real estate developer is accused of using chloroform to knock out his victim.

Louis Bianculli, a multi-millionaire real estate developer in Florida, is accused of a heinous crime: Drugging his stepdaughter with chloroform, torturing and sexually abusing her for years.

In a secret recording made by the teen’s mother, Bianculli seems to express disgust for what he did to his stepdaughter.

"It was never anything other than chloroform,” he said. “She was always asleep, she had no idea what was going on. How could I be such a f***ing sleazy piece of s*** to do that? What the f*** is wrong with me?"

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Now, another alleged victim has come forward. Nancy Olson says she was just 10 when Bianculli, then a neighbor, drugged and abused her 37 years ago. No charges were ever brought against him.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Olson claimed that he put "chloroform on a washcloth and put it over my face.”

"I learned that Lou’s 'chloroform sessions' were the perfect crime because I was unconscious and because of my unconscious state, I cannot say what he did to me," she said.

But instead of being behind bars awaiting while trial, where he faces life in prison if convicted, Inside Edition found him apparently living the life of luxury in his $4 million waterfront mansion near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In October, he convinced a judge that he needs emergency knee surgery due to an injury that made it hard for him to walk, sleep and perform activities of daily living. He was released in November. 

In granting him house arrest, the judge was clear that Bianculli couldn’t leave his residence and only could walk on his property if it was for “medically necessary rehabilitation purposes,” but Inside Edition observed him fishing off his dock and strolling around the grounds.

“He's fooling the court, it's a scam. This is clearly an abuse of the system," said Robert Crispin, a Florida private investigator based in Fort Lauderdale. He was hired by the stepdaughter’s family and spent four days conducting surveillance on Bianculli. His video shows the accused sex offender standing up and fishing outside his mansion without a cane, lounging by the pool and exercising. 

Inside Edition’s chief investigative correspondent Lisa Guerrero joined Crispin and watched as Bianculli was outside on his property. 

Guerrero then hopped on a boat to ask Bianculli directly if he was pulling a fast one. He was fishing when she arrived.

“Did you exaggerate your knee injury so you could get out of jail, sir?” she asked.

After getting no answer from Bianculli, she asked: “Where's your cane? You used your cane in court but you’re not using your cane today. Why is that?”

"He appeared really comfortable, he actually waved to you," Crispin told Guerrero. "And if you noticed as he walked away, he started using the fishing pole as a cane.”

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"I hope that our court system will put Louis Bianculli back behind bars where he deserves to spend the rest of his life," Olsen told Inside Edition.

Bianculli has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Although, his lawyer argued that he needed emergency surgery and he "still" hasn’t had an operation.

The attorney told Inside Edition that Bianculli was outside for rehabilitation purposes that are permitted by the court.

In addition to the criminal charges, his stepdaughter is also suing him.

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