Ninja to the Rescue: Man Saved From Choking by Stranger, a 'Ninja Warrior' Contestant

Pavel Fesyuk, who appeared on Season 7 of the competition, was at the right place at the right time.

A former contestant on America Ninja Warrior who aided a stranger choking on the side of a New York road has reunited with the person he saved.

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Exterminator Pavel Fesyuk says he was driving in Rochester when he says he saw a man doubled over, gasping for breath in the street earlier this week.

The good Samaritan stepped up and slapped him on the back and when that didn't work, he tried the Heimlich maneuver until the obstruction finally cleared.

The two strangers parted ways without so much as shaking hands.

Inside Edition tracked down the 32-year-old hero and arranged an emotional reunion with the stricken man, Bill Harris, on Thursday.

Fesyuk said he's well aware that his Heimlich skills were a little lacking. 

"It wasn't proper technique," Fesyuk admitted. "You are supposed to grab him by the belly button but I grabbed at the chest... [But] it got out." 

Harris had been in distress for six agonizing minutes and he says not one person came to help until Pavel showed up.

"He cared enough to stop and tried and that is what I love him for," Harris told Inside Edition. 

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The drama was caught on dashcam video and Pavel had to act quickly to save the man's life.

Would you know what to do if someone was choking? Dr. Roshini Raj showed Inside Edition how to properly perform the Heimlich maneuver.

"Not too high up on the chest, but right above the belly button and make a fist with your thumb in," she said. "Then thrust." 

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