Did Sunny the Obamas' Dog Leave a Bloody Gash on White House Guest?

The victim is said to be doing just fine.

Did one of the White House dogs really leave a visitor with a bloody gash on her face?

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Sunny, the president’s 4-year-old Portuguese water dog, reportedly bit an 18-year-old family friend as she greeted the pup at the presidential residence Monday, according to TMZ.

The gossip site published a photo of the victim, with blood trickling down her cheek.

It happened as the teen approached Sunny to pet her and give her a kiss. The White House physician reportedly had to give her several stitches. It has been reported that she will be fine. 

Of the two White House canines, Bo and Sunny, Sunny is regarded as the troublemaker. In 2013, she knocked down a little girl at a presidential Christmas party.

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The White House has not commented on the matter and Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he was unaware of the incident during a briefing Thursday. 

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