Newlyweds Taught Themselves Famous 'Dirty Dancing' Moves for Their Wedding

They studied the famous scene.

It's safe to say newlyweds Lindsay Pergola and Richie Guarini had the "time of their lives" at their wedding reception in New Jersey.

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For their first dance of the New Year’s Eve wedding, they recreated the iconic scene from Dirty Dancing, with Richie holding his wife in the air, just as Patrick Swayze famously held Jennifer Grey in the 1987 film.

The couple, who are honeymooning in Hawaii, told Inside Edition they practiced the moves in her basement.

“We watched the DVD and I had to try to teach it to him as I taught myself,” Lindsay said. “There were no formal lessons at all; it was just self-taught.”

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They said it took them a month to learn the dance fully after practicing twice a week.

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