Woman Gets 2 Years' Probation for Raping Daughter's 13-Year-Old Boyfriend

Elaine Goodman had sex with the boy in her car after he snuck out of his home to meet her in 2015.

A Delaware woman was sentenced to two years’ probation after she raped her daughter’s 13-year-old boyfriend, having sex with the boy in her car after he snuck out of his home to meet her, authorities said.

Elaine Goodman, 46, went before Judge Robert Young at Kent County Superior Court on Thursday, after pleading guilty in November to fourth-degree rape for the 2015 incident.

Goodman arranged to pick up the boy after he had left his house at about 1 a.m. on March 15 of that year, driving around for a while before parking and moving to the back seat to talk and be intimate, according to court documents obtained by The News Journal.

At one point, Goodman undressed and kissed the child and then "took his you-know-what and put it in her you-know-what," the boy told the Children's Advocacy Center, the court documents said.

She then reportedly dropped him off at home at about 4:30 a.m. and got ready for work.

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Calling the crime “an aberration,” Judge Young said that while “the crime is egregious and affected the victim and his family,” jail time for Goodman was not the answer.

He took Goodman’s compassion toward her elderly parents, who were in her care, and the community into consideration when handing down his sentence. She faced up to 15 years in prison for her crime.

"I just know she is truly, truly hurt to the core by how much she hurt so many people," said Goodman's attorney, James E. Liguori, who told the judge "there is goodness in this woman.”

But Deputy Attorney General Denise Weeks-Tappan argued that Goodman knew what she was doing.

"This mom, who he trusted, instructed him on what to do," Weeks-Tappan said, according to The News Journal. “The crime has affected the victim in many ways. He's hurt, embarrassed and it is affecting his schooling. When the defendant committed this crime, she took something away from him. He was not a willing participant, but a victim."

Goodman apologized for her actions, sobbing as she said: "I know sorry is just a word, but I really am. I know I hurt people and that is terrible."

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She was arrested and charged with fourth-degree rape after Smyrna police received a report claiming the woman had sex with a minor.

The arrest was reportedly based primarily on digital evidence, which included text messages between Goodman and the boy and Goodman and a friend that referred to the incident.

“He is so cute with a nice a** body," according to the documents. "I asked him what in the world are u doing with a body like that at 13..."

DNA evidence was also collected from the car and clothing worn that night, police said.

As part of her sentence, Goodman was also ordered to attend sexual disorder counseling and register as a sex offender.

She is listed on the Delaware Sex Offender Central Registry as a tier 2 — or moderate risk — sex offender.

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