Police Bodycam Footage Captures Naked Woman Who Allegedly Stole Cop Car While 'Poisoned'

Lisa Luna made headlines after cops say she stole a police vehicle and took them on a high-speed chase.

Authorities have released bodycam and surveillance footage of a woman they say stole a police vehicle while nude before leading officers on a high-speed chase through the Arizona desert.

The curious case of Mesa woman Lisa Luna first made national news January 5 when a Maricopa County deputy said he came upon the 31-year-old as she walked naked down a road in Gila Bend. 

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Luna was quickly back in the headlines after she decided to participate in a jailhouse interview in which she explained to local reporters that she believes she was poisoned by a relative, causing her to behave erratically.

Now, footage has been released of the moment Maricopa authorities say Luna told the deputy she'd been raped before allegedly leaping into his truck while in the nude and speeding away.

In surveillance video taken at a Shell gas station, the suspect pulls away as the deputy, identified as Francisco Campillo, attempts to jump into his vehicle. 

Unable to hold on, the video shows the deputy fall off the patrol truck and roll violently into the street.

“I tried to jump in and grab it. She gunned it and I rolled out of the truck,” Campillo can be heard saying in his own bodycam video. 

That video, blurred by the MCSO, shows the moment the wild-eyed suspect walks up to Campillo while completely naked.

"Do you have, like, a jacket or something," the suspect says after saying she'd been raped but was "okay."

The suspect is accused of jumping into the driver's seat as Campillo fetched a blanket to cover her up.

Cops say a 70-mile chase ensued and it didn't end until Luna crashed into another vehicle.

Luna took the opportunity of her jailhouse interview to thank the deputy whose car she allegedly stole, calling him "a very good man."

"I remember him trying to help me... But there was a lot of stuff I didn't have control over," said Luna, who has previously admitted to using meth and spice but claims she was slipped poison prior to the incident.

"I just remember just wanting to just let go, not wanting to live. I just felt like my body was just being burned and raped repeatedly. Like it just felt unreal," she said.

Luna remains jailed on suspicion of felony counts of endangerment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and theft of a means of transportation.

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Her blood is being tested for traces of intoxicants, officials said.

Luna had her first court appearance Monday, when a judge set her bond at $50,000. She's due back in court on January 12.

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