Footage of Japan Destruction Reveals a Grim Aftermath

Unbelievable images are coming in from the disaster in Japan that show the immense devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The most powerful footage yet of the disastrous Japanese tsunami shows that nothing could stand in the way of the water's fury as it roared over the sea wall and smashed into the streets of one town.

Sidewalks were turned into rivers. Even a large fishing boat was carried over the ocean wall and was slammed into a bridge. The power of the water was so great, it smashed the boat to pieces as it rushed onwards. Another fishing boat met the same fate.

Other new videos drive home the utter ferocity of the tsunami.

In one video a bus driver can be seen desperately trying to get to higher ground as the surging water all around him wiped away everything in its path.

Another video shows that it was if a bulldozer were forging forward, pushing homes, shops and cars in front of it. Buildings were smashed to pieces as an unstoppable wall of water, thick with debris, hurtled towards them.

At one location, water breached a sea wall, and cars were tossed like corks as the torrent surged onwards. Light poles toppled as the water raged through the town. Vehicles smashed into each other in a violent display of the force of nature.

Elsewhere, every car on the street was carried off in the torrent. Even vans and big trucks stood no chance against the surging waters.

On one submerged street, a home was washed off its foundation and turned into floating debris.

A fishing boat was carried down the street of one town. A woman who was stranded on a roof with another survivor waved two pink parasols to get the attention of rescuers.

One man was also rescued from his roof after it was swept ten miles out to sea.

And still the death toll continues to rise as Japan counts the cost of tragedy.