Dallas Cowboys Are The Only Thing That Can Soothe 3-Month-Old After Heart Surgery

Her mom said she had tried everything else.

A 3-month-old baby girl who was born in Texas with a congenital heart defect has become a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan.

Lola Catrone who recently had her second heart surgery in the beginning of January was having a hard time dealing with the headaches that come after the operation, according to her mom Laura Catrone.

If babies with CHD get too worked up and can't calm down it can be dangerous for them due to drops in oxygen levels, Catrone explained. 

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Nothing was helping to soothe the baby and the family didn’t want to use the heavier medications, so they began trying everything to calm Lola down.

“We tried rocking, singing to her, rubbing her head,” Catrone told InsideEdition.com. “I was like maybe we can distract her. We tried little soothing videos. We tried cartoons. I was putting on lullabies. Nothing was working.”

Catrone’s mother randomly recommended football and Catrone put on the Cowboys, which is her husband’s favorite team, thinking she had nothing to lose but she wasn’t expecting Lola’s reaction.

“I put it in on it was instantaneous. She completely stopped crying. It was so crazy,” Catrone said. “I played it non-stop and we started noticing that if it went to commercial she would cry.”

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Even now that Lola is out of the hospital and recovering at home, she still loves watching the Cowboys and goes quiet whenever she watches them play.

Catrone was never a Cowboys fan herself but she says she now has to cross over.

“Unfortunately I now have to be a cowboys fan because of what this has done for my daughter,” she said.

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