See a Trooper Narrowly Avoid Disaster When Tractor-Trailer Loses Control On Icy Road

A Kansas State Trooper's dashcam caught the near tragedy.

A dashcam video taken from a Kansas State Trooper's vehicle reveals a near collision that was narrowly avoided in icy conditions over the weekend.

The dramatic footage was taken Sunday as a winter storm swept through America's breadbasket, leaving dangerously icy roadways in its wake.

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While the camera rolls, a tractor trailer is seen losing control then veering across the median and into oncoming traffic, straight toward the trooper's cruiser.

"Thankfully Trooper Poland had a quick reaction and no one was hurt," Trooper Tod Hays wrote on Facebook.

Some other Kansas Troopers, or at least their vehicles, weren't so lucky after the treacherous storm.

A Kansas Highway Patrol public information officer tweeted photos of badly smashed cruisers Sunday after two troopers were hit on the icy roads over the weekend.

Two #KHP Troopers have been struck this morning on I-635! #MOVEOVER & #SLOWDOWN

The roads are ICY! #StayHome

January 15, 2017

Thankfully, those police officers were spared injury, as well.

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Nonetheless, Trooper Hays begged motorists to be careful following wintry weather:

"Please SLOW DOWN and gauge the road mile by mile. Just because it's not icy where you are, does not mean it may not be icy 20 miles down the road. Again, if you don't need to drive please STAY HOME."

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