Man Brutally Beats His Mom, Scrawls Name of Spit-Firing Demon on Her Chest: Police

The man had reportedly written about the demon in social media posts in the past.

A South Carolina man was arrested after he allegedly attacked his mother, viciously beating her and writing the name of a demon on her chest before leaving her for dead and stealing her car, authorities said.

Police responding to calls of an unconscious woman at a Myrtle Beach hotel on Wednesday found the unresponsive 66-year-old woman lying on a bed with two black eyes and a swollen nose, which was later determined to be broken, an arrest report obtained by The State said.

Officers were unable to wake the victim, who had blood running from her head and down the side of the bed, the report said.

As the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital, emergency responders reportedly noticed black writing on her chest that read, “Asmoday.”

Online texts reveal “Asmoday,” or “Asmodeus,” is a king of demons who is said to be able to spit fire.

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It is often depicted as a personification of lust, having three heads—that of a man, a bull and a ram—while riding on a lion with dragon neck and wings, according to reports.

The victim’s son, 33-year-old Chase Wall, was arrested across town on an unrelated traffic violation, cops said. He was found driving his mother’s car, authorities said.

Police investigating his mother’s beating allegedly spotted Wall in hotel surveillance footage and charged him in connection to the incident at the hotel.

The victim told hospital staff that someone hit her in the face, but did not immediately implicate her son, officials said.

Wall had previously written about Asmoday, referencing the demon in a Tumblr entry from August 26, 2016, The Daily Beast first reported.

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The post—which was written on a Tumblr page that contained a selfie of Wall—read: “Not a day has passed without talking to myself or who I’m not come dismay there are ways that I can start with this refrett of asmoday who in ways respeaks these verses.”

Wall has previously been convicted of crimes including domestic abuse and first-degree meth production, according to reports.

His email address had been tied to posts on drug forums advertising ketamine, MDMA and other “research chemicals for sale,” the Daily Beast reported.

That same email address was also linked to comments made on the Internet by a South Carolina-based man asking for advice on how to deflect mind control.

“All I want is for them to be silent,” the user wrote in 2013.

In addition to the unrelated traffic violation, Wall was charged with grand larceny and aggravated assault, which was later upgraded to attempted murder, online records show.

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