Teens Recount Terrifying Moment Blood-Soaked Neighbor Broke Into Their Home

Two California teens say their neighbor forced his way into their home.

Two California teens were scared for their lives over the weekend when cops say neighbor forced his way into their home one afternoon as they sat doing homework.

Sujeit Mendez, 17, was home alone with her little brother Abelardo, 13, when the suspect allegedly smashed a window and entering the Pasadena residence.

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"I see the neighbor walk by. He had blood in his hands,” Abelardo told KCBS.

Meanwhile, Sujeit had gone to the bathroom, where Abelardo warned her to lock herself in and not come out.

The teenage boy then ran outside through their blood-spattered hallway and called his parents.

As he did so, police say the suspect, who they identified as 36-year-old Carlos Casares, began to break down the door to the bathroom where Sujeit had taken refuge.

"After he broke down the door and [saw] me, I started crying," Sujeit said. "He said: ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s just you in here. I thought you were someone else.'"

Casares allegedly tried to flee, but Abelardo said he helped stop him just as the parents arrived home.

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Police arrested the suspect, who has bailed out of jail after being booked on a felony home invasion charge. He's due back in court Wednesday.

The Mendez family said Casares did not steal anything from their home and they don't know why he broke in, but they plan to get a restraining order against him.

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