Meet the Unlikely Ballerina With Incredible Body Confidence Who Is Inspiring Everyone to Dance

Lizzy Howell has been dancing for 10 years.

She may not look like your average ballerina, but this 15-year-old can perfectly execute the moves of a pro.

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Lizzy Howell is being hailed an inspiration and role model for all because of her full figure.

“There are not very many plus-sized dancers in the dance community,” she told Inside Edition. “They are all very tall and lean. And I haven't seen very many dancers my size do what I do.”

She said she has spent about two-and-a-half years trying to master the moves and “I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can do them. “

She added: “I've had people tell me I won't get very far in dance because of the way I look. I've had doctors tell me I shouldn't be dancing because of my joints and other issues.”

The Delaware teen has been dancing for ten years and she is breaking down barriers with her body confidence.

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“Seeing a chubbier dancer go out on stage people think she can't do everything," she said. "Then they see me dance, and they see I can do what everyone else can and they are all surprised." 

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