Killer Convicted in Craigslist Home Invasion Murder Sentenced to 124 Years

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander goes inside the house where the Craigslist home invaders took the Sanders family captive. Kiyoshi Higashi, the first of the alleged home invaders to be tried, was just sentenced to 124 years in prison for the murder

"I miss him terribly. I miss him every second of the day. He hasn't left my head for a second," says Charlene Sanders. Her husband Jim was brutally murdered in a home invasion that horrified America.

"It's heartbreaking for me every time I go into the house, knowing that my family has been ripped apart," she says.

Charlene took INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander inside the house where her family was terrorized.

Charlene, her husband, and their two boys were watching a Sherlock Holmes movie upstairs when the killer came calling.

23-year-old Kiyoshi Higashi pretended to be interested in buying a ring Charlene and her husband Jim were selling on Craigslist. Jim invited him in.

Higashi pretended to offer cash for the ring.

"And then he goes, 'Well how about this?' And he pulls out a gun on us," remembers Charlene.

She, Jim, and their sons were tied up at gunpoint while Higashi, joined by three alleged accomplices, demanded cash and jewelry.

"I was kicked in the head. When I was lying there I thought, 'We're all dead. We are all dead,' " says Charlene.

Jim struggled free and fought the attackers. He was shot and killed.

"My life was completely ripped apart. Completely ripped apart," Charlene says.

She was in court on March 11th in Tacoma, Washington to see Higashi sentenced to 124 years in prison.

"[He's a] Very cold-hearted person. Very cold," Charlene says of Higashi.

His sister is just as cold, it seems. Jaclyn Higashi actually had the nerve to tell a Seattle radio show that her brother should have wiped out the whole family.

Jaclyn Higashi: "I think he should have just made it worth his time in prison and killed all of them."

Host Don O'Neill: "Your brother should have murdered the whole entire Sanders family?"

Jaclyn Higashi: "Hell, yeah!"

Charlene still lives in the house where the invasion took place, and says only her faith sees her through each day.

"It really goes back to good versus evil. I'm not going to let them rob me of anything more," she tells Megan Alexander.