Don't Take a Fall This Winter: How to Safely Remove Your Home's Holiday Decorations

Follow these tips to stay safe as the lights come down.

As homeowners, decorators, and helpers perch themselves on high ladders, the post-Christmas period where the lights come down is known as one of the most hazardous times of the year.

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Mishaps involving ladders are responsible for 250,000 injuries a year according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Ray Lovecchio, who runs Sherlock Homes Inspectors, has demonstrated for Inside Edition how to stay safe while using a ladder.

First, set your ladder at the proper angle.

"If I take the ladder and I get too close to the house, the ladder is going to tip. I kick it out a bit and present it at an angle," he said. 

If the ladder is positioned improperly, it will just slide out from under the user.

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Next, both ladder feet should be planted firmly on the ground.

"You want to make sure the footing is proper — no ice or snow. You want to make sure the legs are down on a solid base," he said. 

Never stand at the top of the ladder, including the upper four rungs. Never lean too far to one side of the ladder and as you descend, keep both hands on the rungs.

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