Parents Petition Elementary School to Expel 5th Grader Who Wrote 'Kill List'

The Lake Mathews Elementary School principal claims the student poses no credible threat.

Parents of students at a Southern California elementary school are petitioning for the expulsion of a 5th grader who reportedly wrote up a "kill list" that named fellow children.

The principal of Lake Mathews Elementary School in Riverside wrote parents a letter January 12 describing what she called a "comprehensive" review process that followed after the student was reported by classmates.

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"We immediately began an investigation, convened our site threat assessment team, and notified law enforcement," Principal Pamela Williams wrote.

According to the Press Enterprise, the 5th grader showed a list of student names labeled a “kill list” to other pupils. However, Williams said the school determined the student not to be a threat.

"As a result of this comprehensive process, it was determined that there was, and is, no danger to any of Lake Mathews’ students," she wrote.

The student was reportedly suspended for two days and set to return Wednesday, leading some parents concerned enough to keep their children out of school.

"This is not something to be taken lightly," said one mother, whose daughter's name was reportedly on the list.

One parent even sent a petition with 86 signatures of people demanding the boy's expulsion to the school board.

"As concerned parents we feel that allowing this student on the school premises presents an imminent danger to our children," the petition says. "Thus, we decided that we will not allow our children to attend school until the 5th grade student has been removed from the school premises permanently."

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However, in a statement Tuesday, the Riverside County Sheriff's Office appeared to support Principal Williams' stance and called the threat "not credible."

While some parents have vowed to keep their kids out of school until their demands for expulsion are met and the parents of the boy in question were offered alternative schooling options, the boy will be allowed back to school.

On Wednesday, more than 100 students did not attend class, according to a report. Officials will not reveal whether the boy who penned the "kill list" was among them, citing student privacy laws. 

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