Granny Thwarts Robber

She may be in her mid-seventies, but that didn't stop one grandmother from intervening when a thief robbed a convenience store while she was at the counter. INSIDE EDITION takes a look.

Caught on tape, a 75-year-old granny smacks down a robber twice her size! He tried to take money from the cash register, but she whacked him with a price scanner that she grabbed from the counter. Even when he ran away, she kept on swinging!

It happened at a 7-11 outside Boston in February. The feisty granny was talking to the store clerk when the robber walked in.

The robber came around the counter, making a grab for the cash. Then hero granny sprung into action and began wailing away.

Finally, the bad guy realized he had to get out of there. She chased him out of the door and into the street.

Cops arrested 34-year-old Michael McInnis a short distance away.

The hero granny, who has asked that her name not be used, is just the latest example of older people fighting back against thugs.

In January, a Texas store owner was caught on tape defiantly ordering an armed robber out of her store.

"In the name of Jesus, I command you to get out of my store!" she told the robber.

A 70-year-old grandmother showed INSIDE EDITION how she pulled out her gun when a man tried to break into her Indiana home last year

She told the robber, "Don't you go any farther or you're dead!”

And a 70-year-old Ohio woman actually fought off a gang of home invaders with her trusty sauce pan. It turns out it was an Emeril Lagasse cast iron sauce pan! BAM!

It's a message to would-be robbers everywhere: Don't mess with granny!

Even though the granny was brave, police officers do not recommend fighting back against armed robbers.