More Footage From Japan Shows Tsunami's Destructive Power

Video footage continues to come in showing the destructive force of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, where the death toll continues to rise. INSIDE EDITION has the latest details.

New videos are coming to light that reveal the terrifying power of the Japanese tsunami and the earthquake that triggered it.

The nightmare video from inside one family's house showed objects flying and pictures tumbling off the walls. The family fled into the street to get away from falling debris.

The woman went to get in their car, but thought better of it. She sat on the sidewalk to try to regain some sense of balance, and still the tremors continued.

A full two minutes after her husband turned his camera on, the shaking stopped.

But the end of the quake marked the beginning of the tsunami.

In one video, footage shows the tsunami ripping a town apart, one building after another. Stunned residents watched from a hillside. Sobbing children were comforted by their parents as the grim scene unfolded below them.

In another video, sirens wailed as the wave exploded over a seawall. For one unsuspecting driver terror struck when, within seconds, he was completely engulfed by the raging waters. Then his van was lifted off its wheels and washed away by the flood. His fate is unknown.

One video shows debris as far as the eye can see. Even a massive tanker was ripped from its mooring and became just another piece of floating debris in the sea of devastation.

Meanwhile, aftershocks are still rumbling across the country. CBS's Charlie D'Agata was caught in one as he did a live shot via satellite.

D'Agata said during a broadcast, "Did the camera move? Yes, it did move. We've been having aftershocks all day."

One Japanese broadcaster wore a hardhat on air as tremors rocked her newsroom.

But in the tragedy, one joyful story emerges. A four-month-old baby was pulled from the rubble unharmed. Even her exhausted rescuer managed a smile, cradling the child in her pink fleece coat. She was reunited with her overjoyed father.