Cancer Patient Who Did 'Juju on That Beat' During Chemo in Viral Video Dies

Ana-Alecia Ayala, who made headlines in October for dancing up a storm during chemotherapy treatments, has died after a year-long battle against cancer.

It was a positive attitude and the occasional dance party that kept this Texas mom fighting to the end.

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Ana-Alecia Ayala, who made headlines in October for dancing up a storm while having chemotherapy treatments, died Wednesday after a year-long battle against cancer. She was 32.

Ayala is survived by her husband and 3-year-old daughter, Avalyn, whom she called the reason for her positivity throughout treatment.

"I'm always trying to live life to the fullest, and she's giving me more of a reason to do so," Ayala said in an October interview with

The Dallas native was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in December 2015 after doctors discovered tumors on her uterus and spleen.

Although she was treated with in-patient chemotherapy during much of her battle, Ayala said, "When I have energy, I like to do what I can."

She said her "chemo buddy," Danielle Andrus, whom she met through a fitness group, was visiting during a chemotherapy session when she suggested they learn the routine to the dance craze, Zay Hilfigerrr's and Zayion McCall's "Juju on That Beat".

Since they posted the video to Facebook, more than 76 million people watched Ayala dance her way through the pain.

Ayala's dance moves and bright smile even caught Ellen DeGeneres' attention.

"It really is inspirational," Ellen said, as Ayala and Andrus joined her on her show, "You have gone through 66 hours of chemo, and then you're dancing. How do you have the energy after you've put your body through that for the past year to dance like that?"

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For Ayala and her support group, the answer was simple.

"You can still live your life after your diagnosis, which is what I'm trying to do," Ayala told "Just handle it as best as possible. Laugh and have a good time, especially on the strong days."

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