Trump Change: President Donates $10,000 to Campaign Volunteer Whose Father Has Cancer

The new president also called Shane Bouvet's father personally.

The witnesses to a new dawn in history arrived in Washington. D.C., Friday for President Trump’s Inauguration, including one VIP who has received a special gift from the new commander in chief.

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Shane Bouvet, 24, a Trump campaign volunteer, proudly showed off his yellow ticket — given only to the president's invitees and high profile guests — signed by Trump.

"I am a blue collar guy, there [are] about 800 people in my small town and we are losing jobs," he told Inside Edition when asked why he had volunteered.

Bouvet is a FedEx driver and his dad is battling cancer. He actually met with Trump backstage at Thursday night's inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

Trump called Bouvet’s father at the show, telling him, "You have a great son."

But what Trump did next left Bouvet stunned, as the president informed him that he was going to give him $10,000 to help his family.

Also among the VIPs at the inauguration was Mission Impossible star Jon Voight.

"So many people are so hopeful and excited for so many things – I am one of them," Voight told Inside Edition.

Home Improvement star Tim Allen was asked about being chastised for coming to the inauguration, since Hollywood generally goes left. 

"I don’t like being bullied no matter what. I don’t like being told what to do no matter what," he said. 

TV producer Mark Burnett, the creator of The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice was also on hand for the festivities.

"Not many times in your life you have a situation like this, when your friend becomes president of the United States," Burnett told Inside Edition: 

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Country singer Trace Adkins, who won The Celebrity Apprentice in 2013, was also in the crowd, as well as Duane "Dog" Chapman, the reality TV bounty hunter.

"America has woken a sleeping giant and his name is Donald Trump," Chapman said. "I feel great, man.” 

WWE wrestler Triple H, who now works in the front offices of the organization, delivered a message of unity as showed up to support Trump.

"Now that the decision is made and we come together as Americans, we picked a path — let’s all get on the same path and let’s work for the cause," the former champion told Inside Edition.

He was there with his wife, Stephanie McMahon. Her mom, Linda, is Trump's pick to run the Small Business Administration.

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