What Body Language Reveals About Donald Trump, Michelle Obama Prior to Inauguration

Body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass weighs in.

The riveting image of Donald Trump stepping out onto the capitol steps to take the oath of office has left many wondering — what is going on in his head?

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Noted body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass spoke to Inside Edition to give her professional opinion.

"He looks very serious," she said. "He looks very somber because he knows this is an incredible undertaking and the moment hits him — this is a reality."

The world could not help but notice how upset Michelle Obama throughout the morning and during the ceremony. At one point, President Obama was seen comforting her.

"Michelle says it all," Dr. Glass said. "You see the tension in her jaw, her lips, her eyes. She is sad!"

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And the former first lady wasn't the only one, as Hillary Clinton, accompanying former president Bill Clinton, tried her best to keep a brave face.

"This is obviously a very hard moment for Bill and Hillary," Dr. Glass said. "You can see his lips are pursed and she is looking down. She has a smile, but it is not a genuine smile."

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