6 Police Officers Injured and 217 Arrested During Inauguration Day Protests, Women's March Begins

Police said the officer's injuries were minor.

Six police officers were injured and 217 protestors arrested after protests turned violent in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day.

Protestors reportedly dressed in black clothes and masks and smashed business windows, threw rocks and bottles at officers, and started fires, among other things, according to police.

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Police reportedly responded by using pepper spray and launching smoke and flash-bang devices to try to disperse crowds, according to reports.

The six officers were injured in scuffles with protestors, while only two officers were transferred to the hospital with minor injuries, according to D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham.

However, police said the violent protestors were a small number compared to the thousands of peaceful demonstrators who came to town for Inauguration Day and Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington.

"We have been pointing out all along that this is a very isolated incident, and by and large, everything is going peacefully and a lot of folks have come to the city to enjoy this historic day, not only the Capitol but walking all around the city,” Newsham said.

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On Saturday, several women’s marches began across the country in order to raise awareness for women’s rights and civil rights that protestors believe may be threatened by Donald Trump’s leadership.

The main event in Washington will feature speakers like Gloria Steinem and performer such as Janelle Monae, reports said. Protesters will then march down to the National Mall, according to reports.

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