Officer Charged After 8-Year-Old Daughter Reportedly Shot Herself With Gun He Allegedly Left Loaded

The gun was reportedly on a shelf in the home.

A New Jersey police officer has been charged after leaving a loaded revolver on a shelf before his 8-year-old daughter shot herself, according to reports.

Kenneth Righter, of Stratford, was charged with three counts of child endangerment and has also been suspended without pay from the Stratford police force. 

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Sailor Lane Righter was reportedly found unresponsive on New Year’s Eve and later died of her wounds at the hospital.

One of Sailor’s two siblings, who were also in the house, called 911 and told police “We need help right now... My mom just went upstairs and found her, and she told me to call 911. She's not breathing."

It is not clear if the death was an accident. 

Righter was also charged with storage of firearms if minors may have access, which is a disorderly persons offense. The children involved were ages 8, 14 and 17, according to the prosecutor's office.

Righter’s attorney said the charges have added to the family’s stress.

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The entire Righter family is devastated," Dennis Wixted told

“Sailor was a beautiful little girl with an infectious smile. She adored cheerleading and playing softball. She will be forever missed by her family,” Sailor’s obituary read.

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