Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Car With 2 Young Children Inside

The kids were 4 years old and 19 months.

Baltimore Police have arrested a man who allegedly stole a car with two young children inside, according to reports.

John Bowling, 37, is facing kidnapping charges and auto theft charges after he allegedly stole a mother’s car with her 4-year-old and 19-month-old in the backseat while she was unloading groceries on Thursday.

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She’d left the keys in the ignition, according to reports.

Police immediately issued an Amber Alert for the two children who were eventually found a few blocks away within an hour, according to reports.

"I got a phone call by my wife. The kids were gone and I just sped home," Eric O’Neill, the children’s father, told CBS. "I was real heartbroken… I was — when they say men don’t cry — I cried my heart out."

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Police said a neighbor’s surveillance camera helped them get a photograph and alert the community.

O’Neill is thankful to police and the community for getting his kids back home. 

“Baltimore has a lot of love. People just come in and mess it up,” he said.

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