3 Surviving Chapecoense Players Lift Championship Trophy, 2 Months After Plane Crash Killed 19 Teammates

The trophy was awarded to the team after the tragedy.

The three surviving players of the Colombian plane crash that killed 19 members of Brazil's Chapecoense team in November lifted the Copa Sudamericana trophy Saturday in honor of their fallen teammates.

The trophy was awarded to the team after the tragedy, a move backed by Colombian club Atletico Nacional, which was scheduled to face Chapecoense in the Copa Sudamericana final.

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The team was on its way to the final when its plane crashed, killing 71 people.

Goalkeeper Jackson Follman, who survived the crash but had part of his right leg amputated, held up the trophy from his wheelchair at a charity match between the rebuilt Chapecoense team and Brazilian champion Palmeiras.

Defender Zampier Neto and Winger Alan Ruschel, who also survived the crash, were in tears along with Follman.

Another survivor of the crash, journalist Rafael Henzel, announced the friendly match that ended up in a 2-2 tie.

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The stadium filled with chants of "Vamos, Vamos Chape" (Let's go Chape) at 71 minutes, as a tribute to the 71 people killed. Six people survived the Colombia crash, which was blamed on fuel exhaustion.

Former Chapecoense player Janca told CBS that the grief is still there, and fans aren't convinced by the new signings. But, he also said he was still happy to see football back in the city of 200,000.

"It is just unbelievable that they managed to rebuild the entire team, and the club board in such a short time," Janca said. "It will take some time until people trust

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