Creep Lawyer Accused of Using Hypnosis to Prey on Clients: 'He's a Predator'

He was eventually caught red-handed by a hidden camera.

A victim of an Ohio divorce attorney convicted of using hypnosis to prey on female clients is speaking out, saying that she was victimized in a situation that "just makes me sick."

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Melissa, who requested that Inside Edition did not use her last name in the report, claimed that attorney Michael Fine sexually assaulted her during hypnosis sessions where she says she was helpless to fight back.

“Imagine sitting down, watching TV and then you stand up and why are your pants unzipped?" Melissa told Inside Edition. "Why is your shirt tucked out of your pants?"

Fine, 59, told clients that he was using hypnosis as a relaxation technique, but appeared to escalate his commands to that of a sexual nature. 

"Look into my eyes," Fine can be heard saying in a secretly recorded video which was taken by another woman. "You're gonna feel such attraction and arousal. As I rock you gently, the deepness of that sleep gets even better, more relaxed. Every part of you goes limp. One, two, three."

But as the video shows, once this unsuspecting woman came under his spell, he implanted lewd suggestions.

In one video, he said: "Every time I touch you it's going to be an incredible sensation of incredible arousal and excitement and intense pleasure."

Fine's creepy deeds were exposed when a client wondered why her clothing was disheveled after a visit to his office outside Cleveland.

She went to cops, and agreed to take a hidden camera video the next time she consulted him. Fine puts her under and the inappropriate behavior begins, but this time, cops were listening in.

His Svengali routine came to an abrupt halt as police raided his office during one of the secretly recorded sessions.

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Fine later pleaded guilty in 2014 1o charges of kidnapping and attempted kidnapping involving six women.

Melissa's lawyer, Laura Mills, told Inside Edition: "He took these women at their most vulnerable point in their lives and he abused their trust. He's a predator."

Fine is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence. Fine was also disbarred and has been accused by more than two dozen women. He is also being sued civilly by at least one victim.

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