George H.W. Bush to Leave Intensive Care: 'He's Not Your Average 92-Year-Old'

The 41st president was admitted to a Houston ICU after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

George H.W. Bush has improved enough to be moved out of intensive care, doctors in Houston said Monday.

The 41st president, who was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital on January 14, has been suffering from pneumonia, but is showing signs of improvement. 

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"He is a really strong person. He is not your average 92-year-old," Dr. Amy Mynderse told reporters at a Monday news conference.

Dr. Mynderse also made special note of how kind President Bush and his wife Barbara, who was also admitted to Houston Methodist with respiratory distress, have been during their stay.

"They're so humble. They truly are the most humble people," she said.

Barbara Bush, 91, was admitted to the same hospital Wednesday as a precaution after experiencing fatigue and coughing.

"Mrs. Bush had a viral bronchitis and was really just running herself ragged trying to be up here with him," Mynderse told reporters.

Mrs. Bush has been released from the hospital.

This isn't the first time President Bush has been hospitalized in recent memory. The father of George W. Bush has been treated for medical ailments on several occasions in recent years, at least one of which was for respiratory issues.

In late 2012, Bush was treated for a bronchitis-related cough, released, then re-admitted. He spent the next couple of months in intensive care before he was finally released at the start of 2013.

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Bush was hospitalized again in 2015 after he fractured his neck in a fall at the family's home in Maine.

While the former president won't be released from Houston Methodist, he was expected to be released from the ICU Monday.

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