The Stain- and Sweat-Resistant Shirt That Won't Wrinkle: 'The Next Great American Brand'

The Mizzen and Main shirt is the design of Kevin Lavelle, who dedicated his time to making the perfect top.

One article of clothing is being hailed as a "miracle shirt" because it doesn’t wrinkle, won't need ironing and it will never show your sweat stains.

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Kevin Lavelle, who studied engineering in college at Southern Methodist University, decided to figure out how to make the perfect shirt after a situation he witnessed a decade ago.

"About 10 years ago, I saw a guy running into a building sweating, all of those things,” he said.

The sighting prompted Lavelle to design a shirt that absorbs perspiration, leaving no ugly sweat marks.

He looked at swatch after swatch of fabric and decided on a performance material that's similar to what's used in athletic wear.

"It moves with you," he said'.

LaVelle then created Mizzen+Main, which sells shirts that aim to be both attractive and practical.

"This [shirt] is wrinkle free. You can take it out of the washer, hang it up and it's dry in 20 minutes," he said.

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The shirt is stain-resistant and has become popular with high-profile men like athlete Chase Ingraham, who wore one on his wedding day, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who is known to wear them.

Unlike 97 percent of the clothing sold in America, these shirts are made in the USA in a factory just outside Philadelphia.

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