Band Led By Dr. Phil's Son Rocks Out at Hollywood Club as They Release New Single

Fans lined up around the block in the pouring rain to watch Jordan McGraw's band, Hundred Handed, perform.

Dr. Phil’s son took over a Los Angeles club last week, rocking out with his proud father in the audience.

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Jordan McGraw and his band, Hundred Handed, performed Thursday night at The Sayers Club on the eve of the release of their new single, "Vibe."

“That was the goal when we started the band, just have as much fun as possible,” Jordan told Inside Edition.

“It's just fun and exciting and everything is new and great," he added.

Fans lined up around the block in the pouring rain to watch them perform.

Dr. Phil has no idea where his son's skills come from, as neither he nor his wife are musical.

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He said: "Neither one of us [has] any musical talent what so ever and he plays every instrument. He can do it all."

Hundred Handed’s Vibe is available to download everywhere now.

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