Girl Paralyzed By Backbend Fights to Walk Again: 'There's Nothing That's Ever Going to Stop Her'

Doctors had told Eden Hoelscher's parents that she may never walk again following the horrific injury.

A girl left paralyzed following a backbend is gradually learning to walk again with the help of determination, support and hours of physical therapy each week.

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Thirteen months ago, Eden Hoelscher performed a backbend that left her paralyzed after she hyper-extended her spine. The grim diagnosis left her parents stunned.

"Within 30 minutes her doctor comes in and says she is a paraplegic, and I didn't even really know what that was," her mother, Kylee, told Inside Edition.

If that wasn't bad enough, the 5-year-old was asking a question that broke her parents’ hearts: "'Mom, am I ever going to walk again?"

"I looked at her and said, 'Do you think you are going to walk again?' She said, 'Yeah, I think I am going to walk again,'" Kylee said.

Eden, her parents and older sister have moved to Kentucky so that she can get therapy at the Frazier Rehab Institute in Louisville. There, doctors are trying to wake up her spinal cord.

"We look at how much stronger she is getting day by day ... and we just realize that there is nothing that is ever going to stop her," Kylee said.

Recently, Eden took her first steps with the help of her family and surrounded by friends inside the facility. 

She also goes to therapy five days a week to help build her core and upper-body strength.

Although she is being helped along every step of the way, her team of doctors and physical therapists say the continual motion can open up pathways shut down in her accident.

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"I touch a certain place over her ankle and somewhere behind her knee and it mimics walking and it goes to her spinal cord and it is telling the spinal cord, ‘This is walking, this is walking, this is walking’," MacKenzie Roberts, one of Eden's physical therapists, told Inside Edition. 

She even goes to yoga class and gets around the house in a stand-up wheelchair. 

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