Cops Surprise 4-Year-Old at His Birthday Party: 'That's What He Wants to Be When He Grows Up'

Brody Barnaky, 4, received gifts and goodies from four officers of the Clearwater Police Department when they made a surprise visit to his birthday party.

It's not every day someone is ecstatic about a surprise visit from the cops, but this Florida 4-year-old couldn't be happier when police officers showed up at his birthday party.

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Brody Barnaky, 4, received gifts and police goodies from four uniformed officers of the Clearwater Police Department when they made a surprise visit to his birthday party Sunday.

"We really didn't know," his mom Tiffany Barnaky of Safety Harbor told "When they did show up, it was amazing."

Barnaky said she reached out to police officers the morning of her son's birthday, but cops told her they weren't sure they would be able to make it.

Then, during Brody's birthday party at the bowling alley with 25 of his friends, four patrol cars flooded the parking lot with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

As Sgt. Tom Rodgers, Officer Justin Murray, Officer Scott Penna and Officer Tomislav Marjanovic came into the bowling alley with gifts and party favors, "[Brody] just ran up to them and jumped in the sergeant's arms. It was like he's known them all his life," the boy's mom said.

The cops then presented Brody with a signed police flag and different party favors for all 25 of his friends, including backpacks, pencils, and police badges.

"We were overwhelmed with how amazing they were," Barnaky said.

She explained that just a year ago, little Brody was afraid of his local law enforcement officers.

"Every time he would see them, he would curl up and not talk to them," she explained.

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Eventually, Brody's mom sat him down and explained to him why cops were important to the community, and little Brody even mustered up the nerve to chat up a police officer on duty.

Brody's love for police officers has since grown so much that Barnaky said every time they spot police officers in public, the 4-year-old insists they say hello, and show them pictures of him in his police officer Halloween costume.

"Now, he says that's what he wants to be when he grows up," his mom said.

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